Team Working

    Creativity has been designed from the ground up to allow effective team working, teamwork features include:-

    • Control over what types of data a user can view, update or approve*
    • Visibility of data can be restricted to a division, department, team, or individual
    • Control over what data types need dual approval*
    • Workflow via Approval Queuing
    • Message sub-system allowing effect communication
    • Control over logging of user activity (Audit Trail)*
    • Control over logging of data updates, down to individual field updates*
    • Control over system locking, ensuring data cannot be retrospectively changed*
    • A user can book out/in data they work on, stopping overwrites and lost changes**
    • Formulas have complete built in easy to use version control
    • Formulas can be cloned allowing one formula to be derived from another
    * Configurable by the administrator | ** Can be overridden by the administrator

    Creativity has an inbuilt workflow and messaging system helping team members to communicate and coordinate. These features are most visible on the dashboard and include the list of active users, object summary, approval queue, object update queue and message queue.

  • Bash Board

    User Role Editor