Other Features

    You can define your own user define attributes for different record types such as material for formula for example, these user defined fields can be a number, date, text, or list. These user defined fields a fully searchable.

    There is also a Document server allowing users to import MSDS against materials, or store PIF against products or formula.

    A Quick Summary of other features:-

    • Configurable Audit trail
    • Configurable testing templates
    • Multi-National product labelling support
    • Multi-Currency Support
    • User defined fields
    • Version support
    • All data fully searchable by keywords, name, etc
    • Two way transfer of information with Sage Accounts
    • Includes cost and P&L reporting
    • Fast and easy to use Windows Interface
    • Multi user system
    • Export to Excel
    • Export to PDF
    • Can Import latest cosmetic data from Creativity-Software

  • Custom Attribute Editor