If you formulate cosmetic products this software is very much about you, not only can it help you develop new products it can help you and others work together to bring your products to market successfully and profitably.

    You can pull in materials by name, stock code or RMID, Once you have added a material the formula editor will give you immediate feedback on what INCI’s it contains.

    Using the current selected regulation group it will also display any regulations that apply to them. It also warns you if a materials INCI percentages do not equal 100%. It has several very flexible ways of specify the production method including Stage/Step or just Step. The formulator can define a specification for a formula which can then be used by a test sheet to determine automatic pass or fail. One of the many report show the complete INCI break down and how the ingredients label should be displayed. It takes into account the different rules for the EU and Europe. It can also reassign allergens. There are many team working features such as Approval/Dual Approval that help ensure only the correct formulas go into production.

    Other Features Include:
      • Formulate by Percentage or Weight
      • Version Control & Cloning
      • Search Materials by Usage
      • Formula Compare
      • Many configurable reports
      • Ability to display INCI names differently
      • Export to Excel
      • Import/Export in Sage Format
      • Can specify % precision
      • Can set default pricing levels to get correct price breaks
      • Can specify pricing currency
      • F10 - Formula INCI Listing
      • F20 - Formula Regulations
      • F30 - Formula Overview
      • F40 - Formula Costing
      • F50 - Formula Costing with Redundancy
      • F60 - Formula INCI Purity
      • F70 - Formula Ingredients Profile
      • F80 – Multi Formula Comparison
      • B10 - Formula by Quantity
      • B20 - Formula by
      • B30 - Formula Specification
      • B40 - Formula Test Sheet

  • Formula Editor

    Comparing Two Formula

    Showing INCI and Restriction information for a material

    Approved materials shown with a green background