Document Designer

    Creativity now incorporates a very powerful but easy to use document designer allowing customers to design their own documents from the ground up, you don’t use predefined templates you create your own. This is done using a very user friendly designer with an MS Word like user interface, once you have created the document layout you wish to produce you then simply select which Creativity data you wish to display and then drag and drop it where you want it to be inserted. It really is that simple no previous document designer experience needed.

    The designer can also import other documents stored in the document server at set points in the document. These documents can be in many formats such as Word, PDF, or Images.

    So in a CPSR you could for example specify to import the corresponding challenge test document, or in the PIF you could import the corresponding CPSR or the MSDS for the materials. If you plan to create CPSRs or PIFs internally then Creativity really is a must see product. There is even a Margin of Safety calculator data source.

    Without an online demo it is impossible to fully appreciate the power, flexibility, and the ease of use of the new Creativity document designer. Please request an online demo.

  • Document Designer - Showing Data Selector

    Document Designer - Showing selected data in Data Explorer - simply drag and drop data onto document template design surface

    Not only can Creativity produce the new document types needed by regulatory bodies, you can also design any manner of other documents such as RFIs, Invoices, Product Profiles, Progress Trackers, Marketing Leaflets, Sales Summary Reports, etc.

    Document Designer Features:-
      • Supports almost all the word processing capability of Word
      • Auto generation of table of contents
      • Embedded Documents inside Documents via Document Server
      • Supports many Formats including PDF, Doc, HTML, RTF, etc
      • Easy to use WYSIWYG designer
      • Multi-Column Page Layout
      • Margin of Safety Calculator
      • INCI Product Label Text Generator
      • Frame Formulation Generator
      • Custom Attribute summarisation across a Formulas materials or INCIs