Creativitys primary function is to help companies in the personal care industry develop and produce new products. It adds value by improving efficiency, accuracy, traceability, and control.

One customer estimated that Creativity has boosted productivity in the laboratory by at least 500% compared with their previous ad-hoc spread sheet approach.

The feedback from our customers is not only does it make them more productive they also really enjoy using the software so we hope you will apply for a free trial and see why.


When it comes to pricing Creativity Software uses a subscription based approach reducing entry costs and giving you access to all future software upgrades as well as updates of preloaded data. If you would like a quote please get in touch.

Creativity has the functionality and a pricing structure making it equally applicable to large corporations and small companies alike.

Creativity is a multi-user software solution built to run on Windows and uses the latest Microsoft technologies such as SQL Server and Winforms.

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